Shocking Truth: There Is No Cure For Tinnitus!

But There Is Help –  Eliminate All The Reasons Your Tinnitus Has To Exist… And You Will Eliminate Your Tinnitus!

Discover How To Cope With Your Tinnitus, Control Your Symptoms And Conquer This Condition Completely!


Does this sound ring any bells with you? (pardon the pun)


Do you ever feel like you just walk around in circles all day – searching for a tinnitus cure that simply doesn’t exist?

Well, there are a few things you need to know…

  • There is no product, herb or prescription that can CURE your tinnitus…
  • The more you try and FIGHT tinnitus, the stronger and stronger it gets…

But there is a way for you to CONTROL your tinnitus and get the relief that you need!

I have to let you in on a BIG secret…

Everything that you know about treating your tinnitus is WRONG!

I am sure that you have read about so-called tinnitus cures that promise to work overnight… or maybe you have used prescriptions that promise to make your tinnitus symptoms manageable.

You might have even tried a complicated plan or diet that promised to make your life better.

But the truth is the more you try and fight your tinnitus, the stronger and stronger it gets.

You simply can’t cure tinnitus… but if you use the wrong treatments, you can make it worse!

Now, this doesn’t mean that you are going to have to suffer from that maddening ringing and buzzing for the rest of your life.

All this means is that you are going to have to re-think your tinnitus, your symptoms and your treatment options.

How You CAN remove all the Reasons Tinnitus Affects you in the First Place!

You read that correctly…

There is a way for you to control your tinnitus – quickly and easily – so your tinnitus will simply have no more reasons to exist!

This method of treatment is not only effective, but it is the most powerful tinnitus treatment possible.

And the best part about it is that it’s not really a treatment at all!

You see, you aren’t going to have to deal with herbs, prescriptions, drops or pills any longer.


Because all those treatments only work for very short periods of time – if at all!

Instead, you are going to completely change everything that you know about tinnitus treatments. You are going to STOP trying to control your symptoms and you are going to START eliminating all the reasons that tinnitus affects you.

It’s All about Cause and Effect

You know tinnitus can’t be cured or else you wouldn’t have to suffer all in and out, day after day from the ringing, the buzzing and all the noise that drives you crazy.

You know all those treatments you have tried in the past haven’t given you the relief that you deserve.

You know that there must be another way to end your tinnitus systems…

And now you are about to discover the secret treatment that no doctor, no website and no friend has ever told you about before.

You must understand that it’s all about cause and effect. You must understand that tinnitus is not that important, and it is easy to get it under control when you eliminate all the reasons it is affecting you in the first place.

And if you keep reading I am going to reveal to you all the amazing, astonishing secrets about tinnitus, the treatment options you have, and how to REALLY eliminate tinnitus from your life forever…

How to Cope With – and Control – Your Tinnitus

You need to forget everything that you know about tinnitus treatments. And you need to finally discover the truth about coping with and controlling your tinnitus.

What I am about to reveal to you has…

  • NOTHING to do with hypnosis
  • NOTHING to do with CDs
  • NOTHING to do with herbs or natural treatments
  • NOTHING to do with pills, prescriptions or tablets.

Coping with and Controlling Your Tinnitus has EVERYTHING to do with Changing Your Outlook!

And that is exactly why I have created ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’, a simple plan that takes the power away from your tinnitus and gives it back to YOU!

It’s time for you to take your power back and start controlling your tinnitus… instead of letting it control you!

With ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ you are going to finally get all the REAL information on tinnitus, the truth about treatment options and you are going to uncover all the secrets about concurring it.

Are you ready to…

  • Get the 1 on 1 support you need to take control over your tinnitus and your symptoms!
  • Uncover the truth about treatment options and the truth about the condition itself!
  • Start to see real results when you learn how to cope with your tinnitus – instead of trying to fight it!
  • Stop letting your tinnitus and the ringing in your ears keep you from living your life!
  • Discover how simple and easy it can be to take back your life and conquer tinnitus!

You know that you must do something about your tinnitus… or else it will continue to steal your happiness and your life from you.

You know that you must get control over the maddening ringing in your ears or you risk your own sanity!

And with ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ you finally have a new option and a new choice!

With ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’  you finally have the chance to tame your tinnitus and get it under control… without herbs, pill or prescriptions.

How Tinnitus Lifestyle Can Change Your Life

The secrets and the advice that you are going to find in ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ will completely change the way you think of your condition; the way you think about your life and the way you think about your treatment options.

With ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ you are going to discover how to live with your tinnitus, you are going to discover how to make it NOT IMPORTANT and you are going to eventually eliminate all the reasons that it must exist!

You could spend your life trying to fight tinnitus… but that will only make it worse.

With ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ you are going to take back your power and your life – and take the power away from your tinnitus.

There are no prescriptions, no medications and no crazy medical equipment to buy. You can start this at anytime – anywhere.

And with the 1 on 1 support, there will be no questions or doubts. All you must do is follow the plan and see the results!

When you conquer your tinnitus with ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’, you are going become a stronger, healthier, happier person.

You are going to have all the information, advice and support that you need to take back your life and take back your happiness!

Take Control Over Tinnitus WITHOUT Breaking the Bank!

How much money have you spent on prescriptions? Books? Herbs or drops?

How much time have you wasted searching for a tinnitus cure?

How long have you been frustrated? Worried? Or stress?

Really when you think about it, how much time and money have you wanted on your tinnitus?

Do you want your tinnitus to continue to steal your money, your happiness and your sanity?

Or are you ready to do something about it – get the real information on tinnitus and completely change the way you think about this condition forever!

I think you know the answer to that question… but what you really want to know is how much I am going to charge you for my new book, ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’.

Of course, right now you are probably thinking I’m going to charge $100, $200 OR MAYBE EVEN $500 for this amazing information.

But you would be wrong. I’m not going to change anywhere close to that price.

In fact, you are only going to pay $14.95 for ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ – complete with everything that you need to cope with, control and conquer your tinnitus.

That’s right… for less than the price of dinner you are going to get this amazing, ground-breaking book that reveals the TRUTH about tinnitus, the treatments and the methods to making it all better.

But that is not all I am going to offer you… I am also going to give you a guarantee that will eliminate all your doubt and take away all your worry.

The 100%, Rock-Solid Guarantee

This guarantee is as simple and easy as the ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ book itself…

I know that this information works, and I know that you are going to see – and feel – real results when you start putting these methods into affect.

I know that you are going to take control over your tinnitus, get back your happiness and start living your life again!

And to prove all of this to you I am offering you rock-solid 60-day guarantee.

You read that correctly… Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or you don’t have to pay! There is no fine print, and there isn’t any red tape, just a simple and honest guarantee.

I want you to get your own copy of ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ today. I want you to start putting these ideas and plans into action. I want you to be amazed with the results and finally know what it feels like to take back your life.

But if, for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ – even if it is on the 60th day – all you must do is send an email and your entire purchase price will be instantly refunded.

I don’t think I could make a better, more honest guarantee that that!

Let’s Get Started Eliminating Your Tinnitus!

If you order ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ right now, you could have these life-changing ideas and plans in just a few minutes.

And you can start coping with, controlling and conquering your tinnitus today!

At this point, you only have two options…

  1. You can continue to suffer from the maddening ringing and buzzing and you can continue to allow your tinnitus to control your life…


  1. You can order ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ right now and finally get the TRUTH about your tinnitus. You can finally uncover the secrets and the methods what will change your life and give you back the power that tinnitus has stolen from you…

And you can do it all for only $14.95!

The choice really is clear. Order today!


NEW! – The e-book ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus in FRENCH is now available at:

P.S. You can’t afford to procrastinate! You can’t afford to put this decision off!

The more you try and fight-off tinnitus, the stronger and stronger it is going to get. Before it is too late – and before tinnitus takes over your life, you MUST discover the truth about tinnitus and conquer this condition once and for all!

No one else will DARE give you these secrets – so don’t wait another second… order TODAY!

P.P.S. You have nothing to worry about because when you order ‘My Best Friend Tinnitus’ you are going to get a full 60-day guarantee.

This means that at anytime you can get an instant refund for any reason! No other tinnitus treatment will ever offer you anything like this!

Quit Making up excuses NOT to take control over your tinnitus today and ORDER RIGHT NOW!

  • Readers Mail

    Yeah today is a good day... Right now it's loud but I'm not letting it bother me. I"m trying something new.. I can actually ignore it and make it go away. Its the really bad days that are worrying me. I know they will come and I suppose that will be the big test.
    My mission is to habituate this sound. I'm not ever gonna get rid of it but to make it go to the back of my mind where I cant hear it. I'm trying hard to stay tough... it can wear off any minute but I'm gonna
    come right back. You've motivated me to try this. What have I to lose ? Ok Buddy keep in touch. Check in on me every so often.

    Chris.J, 44 Canada

  • Readers e mail

    I look forward to coming home everyday to reading my emails from you. Today at work was a good day. I hear the noise and it's bothersome, but I tell myself "DONT FEED IT DONT FEED IT" and I try to get other things done. This is going to be a slow process, but I'm ready to attack it I'm going to play golf this weekend and go to this banquet regardless of how bad I feel because I want to prove to myself that I can do the things I want to do. I know I have to teach myself to ignore the Tinnitus and left it drift away into oblivion. Trying to think about it brings it back though. This means the noise is dependant on me and not vice versa. Anyway, this is gonna take time to get all this into my thick skull but it's gonna happen. I wish you can come to America and be here... So I can see how you've over come. I'll take you to a basketball game : Hell, i'll buy you a new car if i can fight this tinnitus. take care

    B.K, 30 USA

  • Testimonial

    This book has a lot of great information that will motivate a person to change their negative ways. Mark is even better than the book he's been what I've been missing, a COACH to get me through this

    KAS, USA

  • Book review by Vera Knatz

    If you suffer from tinnitus , you just have to read Marks encouraging book. Mark did not surrender when he was diagnosed with a tinnitus. Instead he started to fight in order to get his life back. If not without tinnitus, then with it. Sounds strange I know but it works because he is ready accept tinnitus as a part of his life.
    This is not another medical or psychological book about the origins and healing methods of tinnitus. It is a very honest view about life with tinnitus and will help the readers avoiding making the same mistakes as Mark did and help them get back on track ...... a good und healthy life with your best friend tinnitus.

    I especially like the part about "not feeding the trolls"!

    Vera Knatz, Attorney in Frankfurt Germany

  • Book review by Susan Lesica

    Sufferers of Tinnitus feel so abandoned once their health care practitioners pronounce them FINE. But are they? Perhaps they do not have some morbid disease and feel relief for awhile knowing that fact. But Tinnitus definitely lingers on and can become an annoyance of cataclysmic proportions when it starts to affect everyday life. For most people with Tinnitus, at some point, it takes grip.
    In Mark's book, he shares his experience of how his Tinnitus began, how it got out of control and how he took back the controls over the ailment. He found solace, and can now recommend therapies, lifestyle revisions and more that can truly make a difference. He even shows a way to make changes in how we perceive this ailment.
    With Mark's book, Tinnitus sufferers can literally shave off years of trial and error or spending money on "cures" that don't work. Let alone the countless hours spent going from doctor to doctor, hoping that someone will have "the cure".
    The cure starts from within, and if you're having a difficult time finding the right road to take, then this book is for you. However, it is not a cure. Because of having no cure for Tinnitus, most people have no other choice but to learn how to live with it. It's like marriage counseling for you and your Tinnitus.

    Susan Lesica, New York, New York

  • Book review by Deborah Bernardy

    The book "My Best Friend Tinnitus" is a read to remember. Whether you have Tinnitus or some other chronic problem, the book is written with a note of hope and from a place of knowing. Anyone who has suffered, and been ignored by the medical profession when it comes to a chronic illness--will relate to Mark's honesty and view of his own fight. By placing the responsibility for dealing with the problem on your shoulders, Mark takes you on a journey of empowerment--you will walk away better for the journey. Enjoy the read, adjust your mind set and take back your power by befriending your enemy.

    Deborah Bernardy, LCPC Chicago

  • Book Review by Robert Rubin

    Mark's book offers a unique and extremely helpful approach to tinnitus. He defuses the fear and anxiety it can produce, and tells you clearly and simply how to tame it into submission. And he speaks with the authority of someone who has done just that for himself.

    Since contracting tinnitus, I have read everything on the Internet I could find on the subject, and have been to doctors and specialists. But Mark's book has by far provided the most help and encouragement. I recommend it highly.

    Robert Rubin, Connecticut, USA

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